About Vertical Farm at Bukit Panjang and The Traveling Farm

Vertical Farm at Bukit Panjang

The company started with a vision to make urban farming easy and accessible for everyone .Ms Eng Ting Ting, founder of Pocket Greens, has grown up surrounded by farms and greens. We noticed through our own experience that growing our own food in Singapore can seem daunting and inaccessible to many, especially those living in apartments with limited space and those who do not have experience. Many love the idea of growing their own food but do not know where to start. With this is mind, we aim to make growing as accessible and easy as possible. we began with designing easy to grow starter kits and later expanded to designing our own automated vertical systems ( a collaboration with NWCDC) The idea is to provide the facility and platform where any one ( regardless of age, skill level) can adopt the vertical farm and start growing enough vegetables for the family. Designed for busy individuals, the process is simplified so that they only sow and return to harvest in a week or 2. Watering is automated and daily chores are eliminated. Our aim is to promote better mind, soul and body through gardening.

About The Traveling Farm ( aka TTF)

The Traveling Farm is an extension of making growing easy for all. We often receive feedback that Bukit Panjang is far from home. Hence, rather than waiting for gardener to make plan to visit the farm, we bring the farm to them. Through collaboration with NPARKs and seeking approval under the First Mover Scheme, TTF was launched on 6 Dec’17.

For a start, TTF will rove between residential, urban and sub urban areas to reach out to a diverse group of people. TTF will provide a one-stop station that aims to encourage more to garden. Workshops ranging from practical to creative Gardening will be organized to inspire all to grow and learn.

TTF is designed to be efficient in energy and labour requirements. The attractive transformer-like shop is housed in an used container to speed up shop mobility. It is well-ventilated and features moving racks and stands. The on-line self-learning courses and DIY products reduce less instructors on site. We will continue to bring in more forward looking ideas to make TTF a common brand in Spore.